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With the advent of the World Wide Web, documentable knowledge can conceivably be preserved in perpetuity, or at least as long as there is a civilization to support it. We can now make a storable magnetic record of our forefathers, our loved ones, and ourselves. If they wish, our descendants can delve into and build upon an ever-growing "knowledge-coral". Immortality of a sort has arrived.

                                                        Stephen Goodfellow

The Meadows & Addymans visit the Meilgaards; Morten shows kinweb.com to the family.

Latest News:

  • Morten Passes away, April 11th, 2009
  • Manon's Wake January, 19th, 2008
  • Manon Meilgaard passes away 1928 - 2008
  • December 2005 - Due to the IMMENSE amount of SPAM email that has clogged my server through the last year or so, I have moved the KinWeb site to DNAVille.com in an effort to leave the spamming behind. I have also changed all "@" symbols to "_at_" throughout the site in an effort to shake off the spam jerks. I have kept the "KinWeb" domin name. Perhaps in the future we can use the rightful name again.
    Also, there is now a search engine on the site for faster research.
  • October 2002 - An animation of Morten's grandparents
  • September 2002 - The Kinweb Tree is being given a through overhaul. When it's done, we should have a pretty extensive bit of family research done. 
  • October 2000 - KinWeb has been moved to a server at halfpricehosting.com, where the cost is halved and the storage is bumped from 10MB to 100MB. Also you no longer have to type "www" in front of the kinweb domain name.
  • August 2000 - Justin & Lani Meilgaard move from Palo Alto, California to Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • A Content page has been added. I apologize for the occasional page that strays out of the site. Soon to be corrected.
  • The Family Tree section has been improved. Please check it out and report to me any errors, corrections and ad-ons.
  • A wonderful time was had by all at the Meilgaards Sloane Gardens apartment. The Meadows & Addymans visit.
  • Thanks to Jørgen's research, we now know that this is the Meilgaard family name 100th Anniversary!
  • Lani Meilgaard wins 2nd prize for best story.
  • "Memorials" site has now been added. See Doris Meadows Memorial - Manon Meilgaard's Mother.