Welcome to Our Family Tree 2.0
Significant changes have taken place since the 1.0 tree version went into effect some two years ago. The tree is now more detailed, less cluttered and easier to use than before. I anticipate rapid improvements on these existing trees, and we should see version 2.1 right 'round the corner.
Click for a MiniTree example - in this case, the Meadows Family Branch
You will see this symbol at the top of every family tree branch. Click on these and a small pop-up meny will appear.
As you become familliar with the various branches, this minature will help you move around faster!
The red boxes are signify people who are  links between family branches. Click in these and you are taken to that family branch.
iconface.gif (70 bytes)The little icon in the upper left hand corner of the boxes lets you know there is a picture available of the person. Click it and it takes you to the image.

Click to go to Meadows Family Branch
Go to the Meadows Family Branch

Click here to open the Meilgaard Branch
Go to the Meilgaard Family Branch

Click to go to Steele Family Branch
Go to the Steele Family Branch

Click here to open the Knudsen branch
Go to the Hansigne Knudsen Family Branch